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8th Update

25th October 2018

All 20 Adapters Finished!

All 20 adapters are finally done! Flash chips programmed, parts soldered, CPLDs configured, cables cut-to-length, enclosures all screwed together, and of course... stickers stuck on! All in all, the process went very smoothly. However, I have learned a lot from this process, and there are a definitely improvements that could be made here and there... even if mostly just to simplify the construction process.

Interestingly, the electronics seem spot on, and I'd be hard pressed to find something I could improve upon at this time! However the 3D-printed enclosures leave something to be desired... and would definitely be the first thing I would like to change if and when I decide to make more of these in the future. Not to say they don't do the job, but up close, you can definitely tell that these are hand made!

I will spend the next day or so thoroughly testing every feature of each adapter. After that, they can finally be shipped! I'll post another update when they have all been sent off, so you'll know to start expecting a delivery if you backed the project!

4 adapters at once! Anyone for some N64-style melee?

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7th Update

21st October 2018

Success! What next?

The campaign period is over, and all 20 adapter slots have been taken. Thank you to everyone who backed the project!

If you are one of the 20 people getting an adapter, I have sent a "reward survey" through Kickstarter which will ask for your shipping address. This is where I will send your adapter, so make sure it's correct!

I've already made good progress with the adapters, and I'm expecting to finish all 20 adapters within the next week. I'll post another update to let you know when they are all finished and ready to be shipped. Bear in mind I will only be able to post your adapter once you complete the "reward survey", so the sooner you fill that in, the sooner you'll get your adapter!

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6th Update

7th October 2018

Dual Inputs Now Available!

After thoroughly testing the dual input version of the adapter, and being satisfied that all functions of both the Nintendo 64 controller input, and the GameCube controller input work perfectly, I have decided to add the option to upgrade your adapter if you are one of the 20 people who have already pledged.

This upgrade will add an additional GameCube controller input to your adapter. This means you can play using either a N64 controller, or a GameCube controller. The GameCube controller input will also reverse the Wii VC (and GC LOZ) stick mappings, just like the Nintendo 64 input. This gives you much more control when playing with a GameCube controller, and makes playing using a GameCube analogue stick feel very similar to playing using a GameCube controller, with an adapter, on the original N64 console.

Please note that having an additional GameCube controller input comes at the cost of the Rumble Pak support for the Nintendo 64 input. So if you choose this feature, your adapter will NOT have Rumble Pak Support! This is due to technical limitations, as there is limited space on the CPLD, and unfortunately not enough to implement both features. In addition to this, the input display feature will also only be available for one of the two inputs (either N64 or GameCube).

How To Upgrade:

I initially tried to add an additional reward for this option, however it appears as though Kickstarter does not let backers select multiple rewards. This is quite inconvenient, since adding an entirely new reward would allow more than 20 people to opt for an adapter... which I do not want at this stage.

Since this is the case, please ignore the new reward option, and I will instead sort through each backer manually once the campaign finishes. If you want this feature, you don't need to change your reward option, but simply increase your pledge amount by £5. In other words, if you have pledged enough for both rewards, and selected the original £25 adapter reward option, you will receive an adapter with dual inputs at the end of the campaign.

By default, the input display feature will show the inputs for the Nintendo 64 controller. If you want it to instead show the inputs from the GameCube controller, please let me know via a direct message on Kickstarter! If you aren't bothered either way, or already want it to show the Nintendo 64 controller inputs, you do not need to message me.

Sorry about the confusion! And if you don't want dual inputs, then you don't need to change anything. You will still receive the original adapter with the Nintendo 64 controller input.

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5th Update

26th September 2018

Dual Inputs (N64 and GameCube) Working for the First Time!

Now don't get too excited. If you've already pledged, it still means you won't get a secondary GameCube input by default. The reason for this is I had to remove several features, as well as re-write a few things in order to get it to even fit in the CPLD!

In order to get it to work currently, I have to remove Rumble Pak support, and the input display feature. Since I already said that these features would be provided, yours will still have them by default. However... some people might prefer a dual inputs rather than these features, so looking forward, I might give backers the option to have a secondary GameCube input, but at the cost of both Rumble Pak support, and the input display feature.

More testing needs to be done, but if you want a GameCube input, it's certainly a step in the right direction!

In case you're wondering, there is still effectively no input lag when compared to using a GameCube controller directly.

Now... onto how it works!

Now, since the GameCube joystick has both a different range, and is shaped differently to the Nintendo 64 joystick... I've had to create yet another mapping function of my own in order to get it to work properly. Now don't worry... my mapping function actually makes sense! It simply scales the x and y values such that the outermost values of the GameCube stick will map as close as possible to the outermost values of the Nintendo 64 stick range.

After mapping the GameCube stick values to the most appropriate N64 stick value... these values are passed through the adapter's inverse mapping function, undoing the Wii VC mapping. The overall effect of this process is that the Wii VC mapping function is replaced with a very subtle mapping function of my own, which maps the entire possible range of GC the joystick, to the entire possible range of the N64 joystick. No squashed range, and no awful deadzone!

The plots below show the outside range of the GameCube stick, Nintendo 64 stick, as well as what the GameCube stick looks like after going through my mapping function.

From the testing I've done, it seems to work very well... though more thorough testing definitely needs to be done! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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4th Update

22nd September 2018

Enclosures Printed and PCBs Cut!

Finally all 20 enclosures have been printed, and the holes have been drilled and tapped! All 20 PCBs have also been cut out and sanded. I'm just waiting for one final component to arrive before I can begin soldering all the boards up!

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3rd Update

5th September 2018

It now works with the Rumble Pak!

I've just managed to implement a new feature... it is now compatible with the rumble pak! This means that if you use a N64 controller with a rumble pak inserted, it will rumble whenever a GameCube controller would otherwise be rumbling.

More testing is yet to be done... but this should work for any games which utilise the rumble feature of the GameCube controller. So for example, since the rumble feature was implemented for "Ocarina of Time and Master Quest" for the GameCube... it will now work with the rumble pak, just like it did on the Nintendo 64!

Bear in mind that no Wii Virtual Console releases actually have rumble implemented... so this will do nothing in Wii VC unfortunately. However, since other adapters implement this feature for non-VC games, I figured it was worthwhile to implement it in mine.

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2nd Update

1st September 2018

Direct Mapping Upgrade to General Mapping

After a lot of testing the direct mapping, which I primarily included to allow you to play other GameCube games (ie, non VC games) with this adapter... I've decided the direct mapping doesn't work as well as I would like, so I've tweaked it slightly to be more of a "general" mapping, than a direct mapping.

I found that many GameCube games have a clear deadzone when testing with a N64 controller, which does not appear present with a GameCube controller. This is simply a difference in the joysticks, rather than the games themselves. For this reason, I've added a small step around the centre of the range (0,0) for the general mapping, which removes this deadzone, and makes all GameCube games I've tested feel much smoother, and a lot closer to when playing with a GameCube controller, both with the official N64 controller, and with the Hori Mini Pad.

I've also added a feature to the general mapping, whereby the L-button can be used to determine the functionality of the C-buttons, whether they're mapped to the C-stick, or X,Y and Z. When held, the L-button also makes the triggers act as a small press, rather than a full press. This lets you do things such as move and spray water at the same time in Super Mario Sunshine, provided the L-button is held down.

Please note, these additions don't change anything to do with the Wii VC and OOT/MQ stick mappings, they are purely improvements to the general (previously direct) mapping, and will only matter if you are intending to play GameCube games with this adapter!

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1st Update

28th August 2018

Label Design

I've been working on a label design for the front of the enclosure. This is what I've come up with so far... It lists every Wii Virtual Console game, and it's corresponding LED colour setting. This means when using the adapter, you don't need to remember the mapping setting for every game... it's right on the front of the adapter! Simply match the LED colour with your game, and play. I hope you like it - I think it looks quite cool.

Here it is on the prototype... ignore the extra cables sticking out the side, these are simply for programming and testing the prototype (your one won't have them).

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22nd August 2018

Project Launched